Costa Rica version 2.0

Hola! It’s been a while! 🙂

After spending an awesome time on vacation with my girlfriends in February, I spent the month of March back home in Montreal.

Mother Nature was waiting for me to show me how crazy she could be, probably just in case I forgot. *rolling my eyes* – like I needed a reminder!  Anyway, she prepared some -30C temperatures for me and she wipped-up the storm of the century, giving us over 50cm of snow in a single serving! But she wasn’t crazy all month – I guess she got tired.

I took the time back home to see my friends, family, eat poutine and all sorts of things I had missed.  I also had some serious things to do, like prepare for this trip, sell some furniture and store the rest of my belongings in a locker.  I officially do not own anything other than what I could fit in a small storage locker!

And now I’m back in Costa Rica, on a new adventure! I’m going to be volunteering in a Hotel & Restaurant/Brewery as hostess.  What’s cool about this place is that they are sustainable!  They are powered by solar power, they have a farm, they produce milk and cheeses, they have pigs (and piglets!), their grounds are beautiful and are over 13 hectors.  Here are a few pictures!

The hotel grounds:

Part of the farm:

Beautiful Lake Arenal:

And…my close encounter with howler monkeys!!

Pura vida!

Adelita xx


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