My last day working at the hostel!

I arrived in Costa Rica on November 30th, 2016. When I type this date, it seems like such a long time ago … it’s actually 76 days ago. I mean, in a lifetime, 76 days doesn’t seem significant. But in those 76 days, I have lived a totally different life and THAT amounts to a whole lot! I mean, who has (or takes) the chance to do that in a lifetime?
Looking back at who I was when I first got here and how I was feeling versus who and how I am today, after this “insignificant” amount of days, I see some changes – good ones. I guess living in the land of Pura Vida is bound to have that effect on someone. 

But it wasn’t all pink. As it should! No life, no matter where you are, is supposed to be all pink. You need some gray in there to appreciate the good, the pink.

Although I have enjoyed this trip, I feel that I’m not done with this experience yet! As of tomorrow morning, I will be travelling with friends across the Central Valley and the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for two weeks. Then I will go back home, see my friends and family, take care of a few things and come back to this wonderful place. I have to say, I have a serious crush on the Osa Peninsula area and the hostel lifestyle.

I will try to post pictures soon – I have great ones and can’t wait to share with you all!

Pura Vida!

Adelita xx


6 thoughts on “My last day working at the hostel!

  1. Estoy muy emocionada con lo que has escrito y por lo que va a pasar en tu vida a partir de mañana, sin olvidar que en el mes de marzo te volveremos a ver! Cuídate mi Reina Rosa en este lugar que se llama Pura Vida. XXXX

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  2. Oh Adele, my little rebel daughter, you still know how to bring tears to my eyes. But this time it is tears of pride, and also a few of fatherly fret and lonesomeness. It took a lot of courage to let go of a financially secure, although rat-race, life to go into the unknown and commit to work basically for a free bed. I’m glad that you will take the time out with friends to explore other parts of the Land of Pura Vida.

    Anxious to see you, love you. XXX

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