Pacific Coast Pictures!

Hola! 😊
I’m so behind on sharing pictures with you – Sorry!  I selected a few from my time off over the holidays and when I went kayaking in early January.  

The adventure began when I took a small charter plane to meet up with my sister on Christmas Day.  Saw amazing scenery on the way!  Here’s the bird’s eye view of Marino Ballena National Park (in Uvita). 

First, we explored mangroves by boat near Quepos.  Here is a timelapse video along with a few pictures of creatures we saw.  Oh, the monkeys actually came on our shoulders to eat bananas!  Such a cool experience…I LOVE monkeys 🐒😍


Next we went to Manuel Antonio National Park!  We got there early to avoid the crowds (this Park attracts A LOT of people, especially during the holidays).  We got to see lots, but only a few pics made the cut to be on my blog (my camera doesn’t always feel like cooperating).

After that, we headed to Dominical for some surfing lessons *clearing throat* well, not me… I prefer the non-physical activities lol.  But my sister did and she was awesome!!  I snapped a shot of her at the end of her 1st session.  She was so happy and proud and exhausted, it was great to see her like that!

Uvita was our last stop, we spent a few hours chilling at Marino Ballena National Park.  You saw what it looked like from the air… now you see how the beach is amazing (and huge!) especially at low tide. 

I must also include a pictures of a sunset…  

And this one! My sister walking along a beach at sunset. I love it because it shows how the beaches are mirror-like when the tide slowly rises!

Lastly, here are pictures of when I went kayaking in the beautiful Golfo Dulce (Osa Peninsula) on one of my days off! 

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the post.

Pura Vida,

Adelita ✌️😘


9 thoughts on “Pacific Coast Pictures!

  1. Niiice post Adele. Love the pictures and hey, bonus, “no snow!!!” I’m glad you’re enjoying your experience and sharing it with us. Love you. XXX

    Liked by 1 person

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