This past Wednesday, I spent the day in Corcovado National Park. What an incredible place to be in! It’s my second time visiting this protected land and each time, a smile is plastered on my face the entire time I’m in there! I feel like a kid who is amazed by everything! My senses are hyped up: I try to notice every leaf or branch that trembles, struggling to look in every possible direction each step I take without face-planting! I breath-in and analyse all the nuances in smell, which could indicate that an animal is nearby. My ears are erect in hope of detecting amazing creatures over the sound of crashing waves as we walk along the pacific coast…WHAT.A.RUSH!!! 

Did you know that National Geographic has described Corcovado as “the most biologically intense place on Earth”?

The park is located in a remote area, making it – in my eyes – that much more special! Leaving from Puerto Jiménez at the break of dawn to drive 42 km on bumpy dirt roads, crossing five rivers (yes, we drove through rivers!), we got to the furthest point the vehicule could take us. We then hiked for about an hour to finally get to the Park. Our point of entry: La Leona ranger station. After signing-in, we spent the day walking about 14 km through the jungle, taking off our shoes to walk across rivers, and walked some parts on the beach under the scorching sun.

Although I was hoping with all my might to see a tapir, a puma or even one of the rare jaguars, we weren’t that lucky – this time! Lol. Nonetheless, we saw loads of cool stuff. Here are some of my best pics… Enjoy! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Corcovado

  1. Leerte es un placer inexplicable Adelita! Todo lo que escribes es como leer un cuento de hadas (conte de fée). Siempre llegamos al final queriendo saber más! Gracias por compartir tu mundo de “pura vida” con nosotros. Te quiero muchísimo!

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  2. Love your pictures Adele. I am jealous of your pictures of the owls as I can only remember twice in my life seeing owls in the wild and I was a hunter for many years. Glad you are having fun and living the experience to the max. XXX PS: did you make your bed??? hahaha

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    1. Yeah we were lucky to find 3 different kinds of owls!! One of them was so tiny…it’s actually the smallest one that lives here. Very cute 🙂 and yes Dad, I make my bed some days. Lol I can hear your voice in my head every day that I don’t make it hahaha!! The rebel inside me is still there! 😈 lol love you xxx


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