A peek into my world!

Hi everyone 🙂 

Today, I felt like sharing with you where I am staying/volunteering so you can see what I’m up to here!  Also wanted to share a few shots I took while exploring the village of Puerto Jiménez and its surroundings. I could easily post 100+ pics, but selected some of my favorite instead. 

I have been volunteering in a hostel called “Corcovado Wild Hostel”.  It’s a small hostel with 3 private rooms and a dorm.  It is run by a mother and her son.  I help with whatever they need: cleaning, socializing with tourists, painting, etc. Here are a few pics of the place 🙂



The patio:dscn2994


The kitchen:


Finally, here are a few things I saw in Puerto Jiménez and its surroundings that made me appreciate this place that much more!

Wonderful animals:

Gorgeous scenery:

Beautiful flowers:

Hope you enjoyed glimpsing into my life here… I’m appreciating every minute of it! 

Pura Vida,


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7 thoughts on “A peek into my world!

  1. Tus fotos son fantásticas y muy ricas en colores….. Me encantan como siempre. Muchísimas gracias por compartir tu vida con nosotros. Saludos cordiales a Cristián y a su mamá! Abrazos fuertes a todos!

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