Shaken up in more ways than one!

I found a common theme to sum up some highlights from my last two days here in Puerto Jimenez…I can in fact say that, in the past two days, my mind, body and soul were shaken. 

1. It’s crazy to think that everyday life here starts by waking up to the sound of howler monkeys, macaws, toucans, perroquets and all types of other birds.

2. I went to feed crocodiles in a nearby swamp today. Say what you will, that sh*t is scary but SO cool!! This ritual will be part of my daily tasks once my training is complete 🙂


1. I got to Puerto Jimenez by taking a small charter plane and I was the only passenger on board. Pretty cool… I had my moment of glory: pretending I was rich and had my own private plane… what, a girl can dream!! Lol

2. I was sitting outside, editing some pictures on my laptop and suddenly the ground began to shake, my computer screen was lightly bouncing back and forth. I sat there speechless. It stopped. Then it happened again. Once more, I sat there. speechless. Trying to assess what was going on…. small earthquakes. Probably aftershocks of the big earthquake that hit northern Costa Rica two days ago. I read that there were about 400 aftershocks!


1. Costa Rica’s saying “pura vida” (which means “pure life”) is way more than just a saying… it’s a way of life, a reflection of their culture and mindset. And, compared to the North American mentality, it’s quite a culture shock! Even though I came here once before on vacation, it’s not the same as to live and work here, like a local. You’re not off exploring, going on excursions, going out to eat… I came here to live by their ways of life and I’m doing it in a “all in” way! 

2. I classified this one under soul because I had to do some soul searching to accept that I’m in the jungle and even if I clean 10 hours per day, I will never get rid of the ants! I sit, ants. I clean, ants. I make food, ants. I surrender, ants! 

Enjoy some pics.

Pura Vida!



6 thoughts on “Shaken up in more ways than one!

  1. Earthquake …….😰 Wow. Tu travailles dans un hostel si je comprend bien. Did you meet people you wish to connect with ?


  2. Hey Adele:) I just checked out your blog. It’s great that you are sharing this with us. i see so far you are having a great time. Looks absolutely amazing! Hope you will make some wonderful memories and meet some awesome people! Lidia


    1. Hi Lidia! Thanks for checking up on me through the blog 🙂 it is definitely a great experience so far.. and it’s still just the beginning! Take care and keep in touch 🙂


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